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Coffee Machine Rentals with Beraldo Coffee

At Beraldo Coffee, our coffee machine rentals are a need based service, meaning we can customise what we do for you based on what you require. We work hard to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our coffee machine rentals for offices and other workplaces.

Enjoy the Benefits of Convenient Coffee in the Workplace

Whether it’s a convenient myth or just the placebo effect, it seems that a morning cup of coffee helps to wake employees up and get their minds into work-mode. From your perspective, you can use this placebo effect to your advantage by providing that little burst of energy to get your employees working productively. With a coffee machine rental, you’ll soon reap the rewards in increased profits from the output of happy workers.

An Affordable Coffee Solution

If you want to give your workers the gift of a coffee machine in your office, but don’t want to pay for one upfront, renting is the perfect solution. It spaces out the cost of the machine and makes it so much more affordable over time. Renting also allows you to test out a coffee machine in the office to see if it’s worth investing in long-term.

Technical Support Available

If you’re worried about how to maintain a coffee machine in your office, we can help. We provide a full maintenance service as well as commercial coffee machine supplies delivered to your workplace. With Beraldo Coffee, you’ll always have a coffee machine that’s fully functional and ready to go.

Call Beraldo Coffee for the Best in Coffee Machine Rentals

If you’re looking for coffee machine rentals in Melbourne, we’ve got what you need. We supply commercial coffee machines to offices and other workplaces across the city. We can also provide the support of maintenance services and supplies so your coffee machine is always in action. Call us on (03) 9458 1200 to find out more.


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