Franke A300

Space should never get in the way of a good cup of coffee. The Franke A300 has been specially designed for limited spaces while still delivering high-quality, cup after cup.



Looking for a professional coffee machine but assume you don’t have enough space? The Franke A300 features an intuitive, easy-to-use screen and consistent in-cup quality, providing a premium coffee experience in the most compact format. Its revolutionary FoamMaster technology offers customers an unlimited choice of foam consistencies for perfect milk foam on the go.

You can always rely on the A300 to produce an excellent cup of coffee, no matter if it’s being operated by your staff or an employee using the self-service option. With various assembly options, the A300 can be tailored to your needs.


  • Perfect for self-service.
  • Easy to use touch screen for users.
  • FoamMaster for perfect, barista made foam every time.
  • Automatic cleaning system.
  • Add-ons available.
  • Ideal for offices, cafes, bakeries, petrol stations, or car dealerships.


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