Wega Polaris

With stylish Italian design, the Wega Polaris Tron EVD is truly a coffee machine with character, bringing personality to any location.



The Wega Polaris is an espresso coffee machine with character, heart and ability to give personality to any location. In addition to the new back-lit keypad system, it also presents a completely revised design – the body becomes aerodynamic and futuristic, with the possibility of a particular game of LEDs on the side panel that make it unique in its own kind.


  • 4 programmable doses per group (including manual brewing button).
  • Hot water tap with programmable electronic dosing.
  • Alfanumeric multifunctional display including: date and time, programming of daily power on/off; quantification of coffee brewed and water softener regeneration alarm.
  • Automatic group washing cycle.
  • Two stainless steal wands with side lever control tap.


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