Victoria Arduino White Eagle

The Victoria Arduino White Eagle responds to the new specialty coffee shops needs – consistency, quality, reliability and efficiency.



The VA358 White Eagle is the synthesis of our daily commitment to offer coffee shops efficient, reliable and consistent espresso coffee machines.

It’s a machine completely built in steel and aluminum. The sides are made of aluminum slats that give the hull the look of an eagle wings. All controls are designed to blend aesthetics and functionality, with particular attention given to ergonomics, to ensure the barista can work quickly, comfortably and safely.

In a professional coffee machine, temperature plays an extremely important role, as it strongly influences the quality of the espresso. A stable temperature provides an excellent and repeatable result. Through studies, research and experimentation, as well as working with the best baristas, Victoria Arduino managed to find a solution that provides for the control of every single parameter. Thus the T3 was born – a technology that allows the barista to set three temperatures: for the brewing group, the water infusion and the steam. Baristas can set and monitor shot time, brewing temperature, group temperature, boiler pressure, extra pre-infusion and energy saving.


  • Built from high quality steel and aluminium materials.
  • T3 technology ensures maximum temperature stability.
  • Cool touch steam wand – easy to clean and safer for baristas.
  • Easy control.
  • Tall or low group option.


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